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Our Distinctive Approach

1 / Rigorous Selection

Our clientele is meticulously chosen, ensuring they are multilingual, university-educated, and established in their respective fields. From high-level executives to professionals and entrepreneurs, we cater to the elite.

2 / In-depth Questionnaires

 To understand your essence, aspirations, and preferences, we engage our clients with comprehensive questionnaires. Personal interviews are conducted in global hubs like Geneva, Zürich, Beijing, Phnom Penh, and Singapore, with video conferencing options available for utmost convenience.

3 / Holistic Lifestyle Assessment

Please note that this is an optional service and not mandatory. Dive deep into self-awareness with our renowned FSP psychologist. With over 30 years of expertise, he aids in enhancing self-understanding and ensuring optimal partner compatibility.

4 / First Encounters & Beyond

 From virtual introductions on platforms like WeChat and WhatsApp to real-world meetings, we ensure every encounter is memorable. We facilitate travel, accommodations, and even coaching services to ensure every meeting is a step closer to finding your match.

5 / Uncompromised Security

Trust is the foundation of our service. Every member undergoes thorough checks, ensuring a genuine and safe environment for all our clients.

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